Geraldine Wharry is a fashion forecaster and designer known globally for her macro and emerging trend reports. She is creative director of Trend Atelier, a trend forecasting consultancy based in London with clients ranging from WGSN to Samsung.


Trend Researcher / Social Media Assistant

(Oct 2017 - Jan 2017)

Trend Research

The way I work with trends is that I research articles about new products, innovations and untaped niche markets where I notice any kind of deviations, break from pattern that has future potential. I create my tank of data which I then attempt to find relevant links and patterns which subsequently lead me to have a base of the trend topic. I was researching new trends for Geraldine Wharry's Trend Atelier that eventually resulted in a trend articles. See section Articles for trend reports I researched for Geraldine.

Social Media Management

I created content and planned social media strategy for Geraldine Wharry's social media channel - tumblr.